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The lucky Irish

Diageo Ireland are very proud of their new innovations – Budweiser Ice Cold and Budweiser Aluminium. Their Brand Manager for something is particularly fond of the aluminium-coated bottle, which will only be available for drinkers who really deserve it.

Consumers in these outlets are actively seeking cutting-edge premium products with a truly refreshing taste and temperature, in a portable format.

I could argue with many aspects of that sentence, but I’ll just pick one. What makes this bottle more portable than any other bottle or can? It would actually be less portable, as you need gloves to carry it around for the 17 minutes it is supposed to stay cold.

 The big brewing companies are still wondering  why they are losing lots of money fast. Someone should send the answer to Diageo Ireland. In a 473ml aluminium bottle. Which is 43 per cent more stupid than a regular 330ml bottle.

Thanks to the Beer Nut for twittering about this wonderful piece of writing.

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