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Beer snacks

I have had some ambitions about blogging more about food and beer, but it’s mostly been limited to pub reviews. I am still thinking about how to write about the ultimate beery food menu, from snacks to more elaborate cooking. Some day…

I went to a farmer’s market again this weekend, this time in Oslo. It is, appropriately, located on the affluent west side of town. We’re not talking about bargain carrots and cabbage here, but gourmet small scale food. It ues to be mostly cheese and jam, but there is now a broad range of temptations.

I bought some cheese weith caraway seed. After tasting some fresh lamb sausages, I bought some of these. But I ended up with some really nice beer companions.

Smoked whale steak from Sakrisøy in the Lofoten arcipelago in Northern Norway. And cured elk meat from the forests of Southern Norway.

The whale steak was very decent, but could have been more dried to give a more delicate look and feel. the elk was very dry, the man who sold it told me it takes 1 kigo of fresh meat to make 300 grams of the finished product. This means it is dry enough to make paper thin slices wchic then melt on the tongue. Yummy.

A bottle of Nøgne ø Imperial Stout was a fine match for both marine and forest mammals. For the unenlightened, I can tell you the whale is on the left, the elk on the right.


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