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The statistics show that the number of visitors is slowly creeping upwards, with an all time high in March. No sudden jumps, no huge spam attacks, the hits come through lots of beer sites and rss feeds.

The search engines show what people really are looking for. Not the hidden gem at the outskirts of Parma or the enlightened commentary on the status of the Norwegian brewing industry. No, they want to read about the death of the British pub (and, presumably, civilization as we know it). But luckily, some of them also want to know about the best beers on the planet.

Google sends them here to find out. The answer will not please you. It ain’t Red Stripe. It’s not Guinness either. Not Carlsberg, Bud or other giants of the industry.

The best beers are to be had at brewpubs, bars and shops around the world where the people on the other side of the bar or the counter care about the quality of the brews they are serving. I won’t single out one of them as the best. It’s like the holy grail – it’s the quest that matters. But some of the posts on this blog might send you in the right direction. Not to mention the other blogs I have linked to which are better written or based on more solid knowledge. I just happen to do a fair bit of travelling with my beer radar on alert.

Craft beer in Greece

Craft beer in Greece

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