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Farmers’ market

Farmers market, Trondheim

Farmers' market, Trondheim

We flew up to Trondheim last weekend, but, as there were family festivities, there was no time for beer drinking. We went into town on Saturday lunchtime and had a look at the farmers’ market, with lots of interesting stuff from the region. Cheese, bread, herring, salmon. Lemonade and cakes, reindeer meat, wild boar sausages. Pickles and preserves. Honey and jam.

It’s the same around the globe, I suppose. In season it would be filled with fruit and vegs.

I’m very pleased that they have managed to revive this tradition in the nick of time 97& of the food we eat in Norway is sold through four chains who are laughing all the way to the bank.

But what was missing at the farmers’ market to supplement the food was beer and ciders  from farmhouse producers. Would it be too much to ask that beer could be legally sold in setting like these? Probably. It would lead our children into ruin and all that. Sorry I asked.

The beer is missing

The beer is missing

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