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Google Street View is amazing. They’re not covering Norway yet, but I’m sure they will be driving by with their cameras any day. Of course this adds value to lots of web sites, have a look at how the Good Pub Guide uses the photos in a Soho Pub Crawl.

And what a tool for both armchair travellers and for researching before trips. With this I could have avoided that Brussels hotel that was right in the middle of the red light district….

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A warm welcome

I found this in the window of one of the old “brown” restaurants in Oslo the other day. This used to be a place for rustic food and serious drinking (half liters of lager), and they obviously frown on anything that makes the guests linger longer than strictly necessary. This being Norway, it goes without saying that there is no smoking. And no dogs.


The sign says (in broken Norwegian): It is not allowed to play cards, chess or any other games. Cannot use portable computer.

I did not venture inside to check if this policy has filled it up with customers. Life is too short.

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