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Beer competition

If you read Danish, you can enter the Easter competition of the Danish Beer Academy, where there are three main prices of 10 bottles of Easter beers. I assume you have to pick up the beers in Denmark, but you could combine that with some quality drinking time in Copenhagen.

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I have to correct myself. I wrote some time ago that it’s a challenge to educate people on both side of the bar about beer. Well, the Publican shows that it’s not really necessary. They did a survey asking 500 licensees which brands they would want to stock if they were free to choose. The results might reflect a good sense of business, but it does certainly not mean any switch to quality to combat the recession:

1. Carling

2. Foster’s

3. Guinness

4. Stella

5. John Smith’s

6. Tennents

7. Carlsberg

8. Kronenbourg

9. Beck’s Vier

10. Peroni

Sure, you find plenty of cask ales in the top 50, but it’s the top ten that really matters here.

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