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Everything is not perfect in New York, either, which is of some comfort. Eric Asimov writes in his Pour blog about the beer selection in ethnic restaurants:

But even if I were to concede that beer is the perfect solution to what to drink with, say, Indian food, the problem remains. Most Indian restaurants, to say nothing of Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese or Korean places, offer no worthwhile beers save the ethnically corresponding dilute lager that most people expect to find.

To me, it’s simply not good enough. So many great beers would pair beautifully with these cuisines that it is a lost business opportunity for many of these restaurants to make no effort to improve their beverage programs.

I can only applaud. I think we have some beer evangelism to do here, perhaps starting at the top end restaurants, where there would most likely be chefs with educated palates.

Well hopped IPAs spring to mind when considering Indian food, but this should be given some further thought. A Belgian blond with the green curry, perhaps? A Wit that could relate to the coriander and banana in some dishes? What goes well with coconut chicken? The waitress with the funny smile might know.

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