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A few of us beer geeks had an informal chat with the Product Manager in charge of beer at Vinmonopolet recently. This was not anything formal, but it is very positive that such an institution has an open ear to consumers.

We expressed the wish for easier access to beers, both when ordering bottles not available in any of their shops and by giving more shelf space in some of the bigger stores. There is also a need to make some of the special order beers more visible in their online shop. Let’s see how this develops, I have a feeling some of the breweries can do a bit more here, too.

There are good news from the monopoly – a number of fine beers are launched tomorrow, and they will be followed by to Belgian lambics in May. Beer will be in spceial foucus early next year, let us hope thir will mean a significant expansion of the range.

I feel that this loosely organized bunch of drinkers have managed to establish good connections with some of the breweries and parts of the retail trade. The missing part of the chain is the importers/wholesalers. Follow this space.

Dream on..

Dream on..

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