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In addition to the wonderful world of Mikkeller at Olympen the other night, there were also a few bottles of Nøgne ø’s latest masterpiece, Sunturnbrew. Brewed at the winter solstice, this is a real treat for those of us who crave extreme beers.

When I was a kid, my family had a wooden boat for rowing in a lake near Trondheim. When we opened the doors to the boathouse on a warm summer day, a lovely aroma of tar and linseed oil hit my nostrils. Some of these elements of tar, old ropes and wooden boats come to mind when I sniff this 11% ABV beer.  No linseed oil, I hasten to add, maybe that will be a limited edition? Little carbonation, just a little milk chocolate lacing. The flavour is of tar, salt, tobacco and salt liquorice. They have used smoked malt, but this is absorbed into the overall complexity. Alcohol warming, bitter finish. 30% smoked malt, 20% rye, I’ve been told.

Sometimes I get too overwhelmed to take good tasting notes. But this is, seriously, possibly the best beer from Nøgne ø so far. Better than DH 2. Get it if you can, a very few bottles are to be found in Norwegian bars, the rest of them are off to North America.

No, they did not serve this outdoors in the snow. I took an empty bottle with me to take a few photos the next day.

I just saw that Scott has posted on Twitter that both the Mikkeller and Nøgne ø beers are to be found at Bar & Cigar as well. Great!



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