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There will be beer festivals in Denmark this year as well, but not on the massive scale of last year’s event at the old Carlsberg brewery. They will return to Valbyhallen, a venue that has been used often over the years.

The dates are 15-17 May, which is not convenient for me, but I’m sure there are beer lovers across Europe who are booking their flights and hotels already. Check www.ale.dk.

Tickets are on sale next week. And, in case you were worried that the recession has taken its toll, there should be plenty of beer. There are already 150 new Danish beers launched in 2009!

And if you cannot make Copenhagen, there is a smaller event in Esbjerg in October.

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If you want a look into the perspectives of the Scandinavian beer industry, check out the web pages of the Scandinavian Brewer’s Review, where a number of their articles now are available online.

Thanks to beerticker.dk for making me aware of this.

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