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NY on a budget

Seems I have a few readers out there – in fact there was an all time high yesterday.

I just got a mail from Samantha, who tells me there are other beer tastings in Manhattan, she does promotional works for the cheapest in town. Maxie’s Bar & Grill  is at 233 Park Avenue South, and they are starting up a Tuesday offer of unlimited beer and food for $15 between 6PM and 8PM. 

For that price, I’d expect B** Light, but they actually feature decent beers. Tonight – the 24th – you can try the new Samuel Adams Imperial series. If you know of other offers with better value, let me know.

Any readers who pop in, please report back!

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The morning after my visit to the BQ bar, I get up quite early for breakfast. My suitcase is fairly empty, but I have plans to do something about that.  I take a stroll in the crisp, but sunny weather, ending up at my destination shortly after they open at 9:30.

It’s a tutta Birra again, which must be on the top ten list of beer shops in Europe. Like an Aladdin’s cave, it is crammed with beers from across Europe, with particularly strong sections from Germany, Britain, Belgium and the Netherlands. A good selection of Italian micros, too, but it seems that this selection is a bit more erratic.

This might have to do with the prices. While the imported beers are usually in the € 3-5 price range, the Italian craft beers are around the € 10 mark. Sure, they are in 75 cl bottles, but when it’s a new brewery or one that you have had mixed experiences from before, you are a bit more hesitant.

Sure, I buy half a dozen Italian beers, but the rest of my backpack is filled with interesting half bottles from other countries. The next day I find half bottles from Birraficial del Ducato at €5 per bottle in a wine bar, which is more to my liking.

Sure, this is complicated. I think selling craft beers in large bottles, often with elaborate design, is making it easier to compete in the wine segment of the market, enabling you to charge wine prices for the beer. But, on the other hand, you certainly discourage the casual buyer from trying something new – 12 Euros is hardly an introductory offer.

Well, I certainly manage to buy slightly more than I should before dragging it all back to the hotel. And I even have another stop before catching my train. And they possibly have bottled beer there as well….

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