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Nice to read about BrewDog in the Scotsman, where they reveal that they sell about 200.000 bottles per month. Most breweries would only dream of figures like that a few years after starting a business. And, remember, these are premium beers that fetch premium prices. The next move is to make more beers available in casks and kegs.

I was at a combined beer shop and pub in Italy last week, and their stocks were low after the Christmas season. They had filled up the shelves with BrewDog beers, though.

-They are very expensive, said the landlord.

-But they are so good, I have to have them.


I  liked the way they are using the Scotsman interview to say hello to the hardcore fans:

For the drinkers, bloggers and others who follow and support us, rest assured that beer world domination is very much still on the agenda.

Cheers to that!

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