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Some days ago, I was in a queue. With Norway being one of the few European countries not yet a member of the EU, we still have duty free sales at Oslo airport. (No, I was just buying a deodorant. The beer selection is awful. I have tried to discuss it with them, but with no success!)

The man in front of me was a guy who shouldcount as a celebrity in these parts, former Prime Minster of Sweden, Göran Persson. He had no intention of buying large quantities of booze, but had picked a bottle of gin and a bottle of port from the well assorted shelves.

Martin Olsson, form Wikipedia Commons

Photo: Martin Olsson, from Wikipedia Commons

The cashier, a girl aged ca 22, gave him a scolding, telling him he had to choose between the two bottles, the duty free allowance for Sweden being only one bottle of alcohol above 20% alcohol by volume. He handed over the port and paid for the gin with his credit card.

-May I see your ID, please?

He showed her his ID card without any fuss and went on towards his Stockholm flight.

A few points:

  • The days of Norwegians watching Swedish TV channels are definitely over.
  • Even if Mr. Persson is married to the Director of the Swedish alcohol monopoly Systembolaget, he still has to buy his own booze. That’s Scandinavia in a nutshell.

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