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ratebeer has announced its annual list of the best beers in the world. There are lots of things to say about such a list, but it is certainly not much of use to take along when you go beer shopping. Elusive and extreme seem to be the common denominator for most of the top 100.

But sure, if you are seriously interested in beer, all the brews on this list are worth trying and worth seeking out – to the extent it is physically possible.

But there is more to ratebeer than the top 100. This is a database with thousands of contributors, giving a comprehensive overview of the global beer scene. You can use it to find good beers that are widely distributed, beers available in a given market – where you live or where you go to work or play. It is the best international overview available. And if more of us give an input, it will grow even better.

I won’t go into the ratebeer/BeerAdvocate rivalry – for the record I am very pleased with the BA paper magazine. ratebeer is more comprehensive in its coverage of Europe, with more active members reporting on beers, breweries and bars, so this is where I tend both to give my input and look for information. And it turns out there are drinking mates to be found around the world through this online community as well, a very welcome bonus.


Not in the top 100, but a seasonal photo..

Not in the top 100, but a seasonal photo..

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