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I have told you before about the sad fate of Møllebyen Mikrobryggeri in Moss, where they closed down the brewing part of the business recently.

The management uses economic arguments, this is what they say on their web site:

Producing our own beer became too expensive, so we have decided to use an external supplier. High fixed costs (the brewer, I assume), increased price of raw materials and high taxes means that our own production of beer became too costly. (I’m sorry, this is a translation, they are repeating themselves.)

I can understand the economic line of reasoning. It is a pity, but I cannot tell other people how to spend their money. I feel, however, that they are trying to fool their customers into believing that they will offer beer of the same variety and quality as before.

Which is crap. They continue:

We will stick to our trade mark, which is to serve a number of different beer types and seasonal goods (?).

We have made a deal with Ringnes Breweries, who has an enormously large and and broad range. We can promise 5-6 different beers on tap at any time, plus a new product from the  “House of Beer” range that som Ringnes delivers.

This means we can offer more types of beer than today! We would like to mention Guinness, Kilkenny and Frydenlund which already are on tap!

I find it deploring when women in suits talk (or write) about subjects they know nothing about.

For all I know, Møllebyen Mikrobryggeri might be a roaring success form now on – packed with bright young things swilling alcopops and Corona. But don’t confuse it with consumer choice and quality, please!

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