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bilde056A downside to trying out the increasing range of beers available in Oslo is that we occasionally have problems finding out what we are actually drinking. Sometimes there are supermarket brands where they don’t tell who the brewery is, sometimes we suspect that there are tank loads of Danish beers being passed off as Norwegian, though we are usually talking about the discount end of the market then. There are pubs which have beers being brewed especially for them – or are they just the regular stuff with another name on the dispenser? I recently found out that the Belfry pub here in Oslo, which has had its own Belfry Ale for many years, gets it from Hansa/Borg.

But, usually, with the help of ratebeer and the rest of the online beer community, we find out what is being served. Except for this one. Du Monde Blanc. A wheat beer being sold at Beer Palace. The bartender said it is a Belgian beer, but I would not be 100% sure about that, either. We only have the name and the logo.

The beer? A cloudy wheat with lots of foam, banana and a hint of liquid detergent.

Can anybody help?

Sorry about the picture quality, it’s my mobile phone. Next time I’ll go for a better camera and less music…

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