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Pub grub indeed

If you wondered why they smiled when you ordered the scampi in a basket for around £10 in the pub next door to the museum, I can tell you why. Premade English pub meals can now be bought wholesale for £ 1.22, which allows for a hefty markup.

It is the Morning Advertiser that cheerfully tells us that food and drink wholesaler Booker has slashed the price of five different meals. Pubs can sell meals for two punds fifty and still have a 100% markup – which can compete with Wetherspoons pices.

The Wiktionary informs me that the slang use of grub for food, first recorded 1659, has been linked with birds eating grubs. No wonder. I’d assume you won’t get much beyond starch and saturated fat at that price.

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Barrel aged beers

The current header of my blog is a photo from the island of Syros. Something to dream about when the temperature fluctuated between minus 10 and 15 Centigrade here in Oslo…

I wnat to draw your attention to an article in the New York Times about barrel aged beers. Not the best of articles, perhaps, there is too much focus on the price IMHO. Still, it is another sign that beers that were considered extreme even in committed beer circles are now being covered in the mainstream media.  And they are not only being covered, but with almost the same respect that would apply to wine.

Now, if we could hope for the same level of seriousity in the European mainstream media. The online version of one of the major dailies here in Oslo nicked one of the beer articles in the New York times last year. Which one? Where to find the cheapest pints in NYC.

Never mind. Here is another summer photo to cheer you up:

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