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Sad news on the Norwegian scene – the brewing side of  the business at Møllebyen Mikrobryggeri in Moss is closing down. Some time after Christmas, the house brews will be replaced by the usual range from the Antichrist the major player on the Scandinavian field.

I don’t think they have been losing money, but the owners have decided to close down the brewing for economic reasons.

Brewer David has been doing a good job there for several years. The customers have been fairly conservative, so most of the turnover has been lagers and wheat beers, but there have been very tasty seasonals and one offs, and it is sad to see the place go.

It might be that Moss is a bit small to host a brewpub, but there is certainly room for one in Oslo. And David has a good CV, he has been working in various breweries both there in Norway and in the US. Some of you met him at the festival in Copenhagen in September.

But if you want to sample his beers at Møllebyen, you’ll have to head down to Moss as soon as you can. Maybe we should arrange an excursion to make a proper event of it.

David showing how its done at Møllebyen

David showing how it's done at Møllebyen

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