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A guy I know has been declared a professional beer nerd. Cheers, John, and I guess we’ll be in closer touch when you trade EU and EFTA places with Iceland in the near future!

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Boak and Bailey beat me to it. Sometimes you save a photo for a rainy day. I was thinking about a blog post giving the news about an Austrian cafe in Lodon with draft beer and a rotating range of bottles.

It is even a place for coffee and a piece of torte or strudl.

I was happy to boast that this had slipped under the radar of the London beer bloggers. No more.



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The reluctant scooper is a blog worth following, both the contents and the layout impress me. A good introduction is a post on the Portland group and BrewDog. Alan has written about this as well, but this is a refreshing take on the issue.

Speaking of BrewDog, they are not lying down to die, they are launching two new beers – a raspberry imperial stout and a strawberry imperial stout. In a week or so. If I am lucky I get to taste them when I’m in London. And in the list for the Pig’s Ear festivalthere is a BrewDog coffee stout, too.

I think you’d have to camp outside the brewery to get to try all their beers…

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Great writing


…… I’ve drunk beers literally from around the world I’ve sipped the most expensive and strongest ale, gingerly sipped bottles of IPA from 1860’s, I’ve supped beers fresh from the Brewery with the guy who made it and they were all interesting, tasty and enjoyable but when the skies flat grey and the taxi lights are playing in the cut glass windows and bouncing of the nicotine stained plaster cherubs somewhere near Soho and your is hair damp from” that fine rain” and you’ve sat through 2 meetings what is the most perfect way to mark the change from work to the rest of your life than a pint of bitter, in my case Pride. …………….


From the Living for pleasure alone blog by BLTP, a mate of Pete Brown’s

A London pint

A London pint

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A milestone

50.000 hits.

As some of you leave intelligent feedback, on and off site, you are not all robots and spammers.

The number of readers has gone slightly up since the blog came back from the dead. One of them can probably tell you where this photo is taken.

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The US News and World Report has an article today about how the beer industry will be affected by the crisis.

Or do they, really?
It is an interview with Amy Mittelman, who has written a book about American brewing history, which, presumably, gives her the qualifications to look into the crystal ball.
My question is – if the person you are interviewing does not have any opinion on the issue at hand, maybe you should call someone else?
A few quotes:
Do you think that will continue or reverse if the economy undergoes an extended slowdown?
It’s hard to say.
In bad times, do people seek relatively inexpensive comforts?
Probably yes. If times get really bad, they may look for the lowest price points. But relatively speaking, even expensive beer isn’t that expensive.
Is it a myth that people drink more beer when the economy is going badly?
It depends.
What are the biggest challenges you think the beer industry will face over the next century?
As a whole, it will be increasing competitiveness and consolidation—who will be able to survive on that global level. In general, our societies go through swings in personal behavior. We might put restrictive measures around people’s personal autonomy and pleasure-seeking behavior.
Sure, some of these quotes are chopped off, but the qualifications kill off any line of reasoning anyway.
Who said bloggers have much to learn from the mainstream media?
As a matter of fact, I have her book on my shelf of unread books.
Will I read it? It depends.

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Beyond beer

The Art of Drink web site has listed 100 drinks to try before you die and challenged other bloggers to check out the list. The ones I have tried are in bold.


1.                              Manhattan Cocktail

2.                              Kopi Luwak (Weasle Coffee)

3.                              French / Swiss Absinthe

4.                              Rootbeer

5.                              Gin Martini

6.                              Sauternes

7.                              Whole Milk

8.                              Tequila (100% Agave)

9.                              XO Cognac

10.                             Espresso

11.                             Spring Water (directly from the spring

12.                             Gin & Tonic

13.                             Mead

14.                             Westvleteren 12 (Yellow Cap) Trappist Ale

15.                             Chateau d’Yquem 

16.                             Budweiser

17.                             Maraschino Liqueur

18.                             Mojito

19.                             Orgeat

20.                             Grand Marnier

21.                             Mai Tai (original)

22.                             Ice Wine (Canadian)

23.                            Red Bull

24.                            Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice

25.                            Bubble Tea

26.                            Tokaji

27.                            Chicory

28.                            Islay Scotch

29.                            Pusser’s Navy Rum

30.                            Fernet Branca

31.                            Fresh Pressed Apple Cider 

32.                            Bourbon

33.                            Australian Shiraz

34.                            Buckley’s Cough Syrup

35.                           Orange Bitters

36.                           Margarita (classic recipe)

37.                           Molasses & Milk

38.                           Chimay Blue

39.                           Wine of Pines (Tepache)

40.                           Green Tea

41.                           Daiginjo Sake

42.                           Chai Tea

43.                           Vodka (chilled, straight)

44.                           Coca-Cola

45.                           Zombie (Beachcomber recipe)

46.                           Barley Wine

47.                           Brewed Choclate (Xocolatl)

48.                           Pisco Sour

49.                           Lemonade

50.                           Speyside Single Malt

51.                           Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee

52.                           Champagne (Vintage)

53.                           Rosé (French)

54.                           Bellini

55.                           Caipirinha

56.                           White Zinfandel (Blush)

57.                           Coconut Water

58.                           Cerveza

59.                           Cafe au Lait

60.                           Ice Tea

61.                           Pedro Ximenez Sherry

62.                           Vintage Port

63.                           Hot Chocolate

64.                           German Riesling

65.                           Pina Colada

66.                           El Dorado 15 Year Rum

67.                           Chartreuse

68.                           Greek Wine

69.                           Negroni

70.                           Jägermeister

71.                           Chicha

72.                           Guinness

73.                           Rhum Agricole

74.                           Palm Wine

75.                           Soju

76.                           Ceylon Tea (High Grown)

77.                           Belgian Lambic

78.                           Mongolian Airag

79.                           Doogh, Lassi or Ayran

80.                           Sugarcane Juice

81.                           Ramos Gin Fizz

82.                           Singapore Sling

83.                           Mint Julep

84.                           Old Fashioned

85.                           Perique

86.                           Jenever (Holland Gin)

87.                           Chocolate Milkshake

88.                           Traditional Italian Barolo

89.                           Pulque

90.                           Natural Sparkling Water

91.                           Cuban Rum

92.                           Asti Spumante

93.                           Irish Whiskey

94.                           Château Margaux

95.                           Two Buck Chuck

96.                           Screech

97.                           Akvavit

98.                           Rye Whisky

99.                           German Weissbier

100.                          Daiquiri (classic)

Well then. 70 ain’t too bad. Some are more easily available in multicultural societies, but ethnic restaurants are helpful.The beer selection is not too bad.


What would I add?

English cask ale

Imperial Pale Ale

Cod liver oil

Czech Pilsener

Sahti (Finnish traditional beer)

Icelandic Brennivin (also known as Black Death…..)

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