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In this developing country when it comes to craft beer, it is often quite a threshold to try new beers. Some have not tried anything more daring than Corona and Guinness, others have been exposed to a Trappist or two when abroad.

And how do you approach drinkers who think even trying a dark beer is daring?

I think many bars would find it useful to have proper tasting notes. The two national micros of note here in Norway should supply the bars with basic information about the beers. They could be put inside the drink list, displayed at the bar or, at the least, handed out when a curious customer asks what the beers with the funny names are all about.

The cannot all rely on beer evangelists on both sides of the counter, especially as it seems to me that the staff are usually quite ignorant.

And it would be better if someone entering the wonderful beer universe is given a proper bock or a smooth saison instead of going straight for the tannins and sourness. There are some wonderful beers being brewed now, and some are filling up the fridges of pubs and bars around Oslo. But some of them should have a word of advice on how to drink them.

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