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Remember when I told you about the cracks in the import monopoly for beer and other dubious substances? The Royal Ministry of Health and Care Services informed the EFTA Surveillance Authority that


Keeping in mind the need to ensure an in-depth drafting process that meets the demands of Norwegian legislation, we will probably be able to submit a bill to the Parliament for reading in the spring

session 2009.


After that, there has been total silence on the issue, so I decided to ask.


The nice side of things is that we have managed to create a culture of openness in the Norwegian Government. In this instance I sent off an e-mail to the agency in charge, I got an immediate reply that it was being forwarded to the appropriate unit, and within an hour or two I actually got a reply.


The contents of the reply were, however, not so uplifting:


The Ministry is presently looking into issues concerning private import and the present regulations. The outcome of this is not clear, but there could possibly be changes made to the present legislation. These changes will probably not come into force until 2010. Until a possible change to laws and regulations, the present rules will apply.


A long time to go thirsty.



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