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The 4-6 law

Cask ales at the Ginger Man

Cask ales at the Ginger Man

Well, it’s not a law, perhaps. It’s a rule of thumb.

I was in New York a month ago, and I still have ambitions about blogging from my stay. I have even promised Alana contribution. But that’s not the point. What I am trying to get to was that I popped into an excellent beer bar in Midtown Manhattan several times during my stay. good beer range, good beer quality, fast and friendly service.

I want back on my last day to buy a t-shirt as a souvenir and found it totally transformed. The quiet pub with a sprinkling of customers was packed with after work drinkers. It’s at times like these you see how many actually work in the skyscrapers around you.

This visit was at about 6:15 in the evening. The previous days I had been there between 4 and 5.

But this is not unique for New York. To run a successful pub, you obviously need customers. Some have their busiest periods on sunny Sundays, some are packed for lunch, some have the extremely busy after office hours trade.

But for the tourist – beer geek or not – the time to go is between four and six. Maybe three and six – I am open to adjusting the law of there is sensible input. Those are the golden hours. Maybe your meeting ended at lunch, and you have some time before catching your train, tram, whatever. You can read a book or a newspaper, if you are really lucky there is no piped music.

And you can chat with the bartender, getting advice on which beers are in top form. If it’s a brewpub, you might even have a chat with the brewer.

And these are the hours for your camera catching the rays of sunlight filtered first through the windows and then through your beer glass. You can get photos of the interior, the pump clips and everything else without bothering the natives, much, too. Or even strike up a conversation.

There are other laws, too. In Norway, we have coined Tore‘s law:

Bottled beers will weigh an average of one kilogram when you put them in your suitcase.

Very useful knowledge. Given enough beer time, we might compile a law book.

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