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A perfect place for a lunchtime pint…

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Alan spotted it right away. A new camera?

Yes, the scratched five year old Canon compact has given way to something new.

Possibly the best point-and-click compact on the market.
Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ4, which comes with a Leica lens.
I bought two at the BH megastore at Ninth Avenue, NYC, a shop that was an experience in itself.
I first went on a Saturday to find it closed, as they observe the Sabbath. On Sunday morning there were hundreds of customers crowding the sidewalk, but speedy service and an automated system of whizzing the goods around the premises meant that I was able to part with the best part of a thousand dollars within 45 minutes. Extra batteries, memory cars, the works.

I even bought a flip.

Now, my skills as a photographer have not necessarily become better. But at least I have good technology to help me out.

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