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Just kidding. Light bottles.

I have moaned over the back-breaking job it is to get beer into this country in my suitcase, and some of the English breweries are the worst when it comes to heavy bottles.

Adnams has a new beer out. It is nice and fruity with a little dry chocolate in the tail, definitely a session beer packed with flavour for 4%.

But what caught my eye was the tiny print at the bottom of the back label. Beneath the stärkøl/cerveza/pivo list.

Less glass in a bottle is more environmentally friendly. We have reduced our bottle weight by 33%.

I salute Adnams, I find it more interesting to fill my suitcase with beer than with glass. Let’s just hope they are strong enough!


Adnams is not alone in this, according to the Beverage Daily.

UK-based retailer the Co-operative has announced it is launching lighter weight glass packaging for its own-brand beers as it moves to extend its focus on more sustainable beverage packaging.

The company has announced that its 500ml private brand ale products will come in 300g glass bottles that are 22 per cent lighter than those previously used to package beer.

The weight reduction policy is expected to significantly cut annual carbon emissions required to produce the brands, according to the group.

Last month, the Co-operative claimed that it has become the first retailer in the UK to supply its entire line of own-brand soft drinks in 100 per cent recycled Polyethylene terephthalate (rPET)-derived bottles.

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