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Migårds øl

Midgårds øl

I did not go far enough to see the midnight sun, but even blow the Arctic Circle the nights are brighter than a December day. If you sit outside, you can easily read a newpaper even at midnight.

And, if there is no interesting beer to be had locally, you’ll have to bring your own. This bottle of Midgårds Øl, brewed by the Ørbæk brewery, was bought on my recent trip to Denmark, and it possibly more suited for other seasons. It is flavoured with mead, and has a fine honey and flower aroma. It is sweet and warming, with a quite soft palate. Some spices, a little pepper. It has a high alcohol content, 9,4%, and is best before it heats up, so this bottle was definitely for sharing – the sweetness can probably be a bit too much if you have a second glass. A hazy peach color.

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