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No Carlsberg, thank you

According to a Danish newspaper article, from Børsen I believe, Carlsberg is unable to establish itself as a brand in Laos. This is despite the fact that Carlsberg owns half of Lao Brewery. (The other half being owned by the Laotian government.)

The reason being given for this is that the local population had the same relation to their beer as a fan has to his soccer team – total dedication. The head of PR at Lao Brewery says it is impossible to sell Carlsberg there – Beer Lao has a market share of 99 per cent.

This also stops all attempt of innovation at the brewery. They have tried to launch six new beers over the last few years, but they are easier to find on posters than in the shops and bars of the country.

I have a feeling that they should get the most out of this market while they can, I’m sure there are competitors waiting in the wings!

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