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A handy beer shop

If you leave the Strahovsky Klaster with its micro brewery and walk through the opening in the monastery wall facing Central Prague, you’ll find a cobbled road leading stright down the hill, with the castle to the left. Uvoz, it says on my map. Continue walking down, you’ll find the usual assortment of tourist traps. On the right you’ll eventually pass a bottle shop, where absinthe and other strong drinks are prominently displayed, but the shop window also boasted of a good beer range.

This is correct, they have probably close to a hundred beers in the back room. Not the place to go for obscure micros, and I’m sure the prices are inflated. But lots of fine beers in bottles and cans, some of them kept in the fridge for immediate consumption if you so wish.

I passed on the free samples of absinthe…

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Way up on the hill, even slightly above Prague castle, there is an old monastery complex, with its own church, art museum and a stunning old library. The Strahovsky Klaster is reachable by public transport, as there is a tram line passing at the back, but it was a fine morning stroll from my hotel, so you’ll have to figure out how to get there yourself.

There was an extra fee for taking photos of the library, so you’ll have to take my word for it being a beautiful place. No such photo regulation for another attraction within the walls, a micro brewery.

It was still early in the day, so there were few visitors in the brewpub. I imagine it is more crowded on summer afternoons, especially for tour groups who have been running up and down the hills all day. So, this brewpub is definitely on the tourist trail, and it has prices to match, they have even gone up after Evan’s guide book was published last year. If you, however, limit yourself to the smallest glasses, sampling them won’t bankrupt any foreign visitor.

Three beers available on my visit, an amber, a dunkel and a seasonal weisse.

The amber was a lovely reddish hazy beer. Sweet and nutty with a fine dry finish. The dunkel or tmavy was nutty and malty with a little coffee, some burned toast in the aftertaste. The weisse was a bit too much – lots of banana, giving a feeling of bubble gum which I really don’t like in beer.

You can buy bottles of fresh beer to take with you, they did not have any bottled varieties not currently on tap.

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