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A different brew

One type of beverage I haven’t covered on my blog is sake, the Japanese fermented rice brew. Technically, this is a beer. It is made by fermenting a cereal, isn’t it?

Well, I have not gone deeper into the nuances of sake, but you don’t have to go to Japan to try them out. thisislondon.co.uk has a feature on the best saki (?) bars in London. One of them even lets you buy a sampler, letting you taste six varieties if there are two of you.

Wikipedia has more on sake if you’re interested.

And if you are looking for cider, it seems like the Green Man is your place.

I’d rather have a pint of bitter, please.

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Actually it is time for another beer, this time at a very different watering hole – the Pivovarský Klub. A fairly recent addition to the Prague drinking scene, this is both a bar, a restaurant and a beer shop. This has large windows opening on the street, giving a light and airy feeling. The place is rather popular on a sunday afternoon, but we find two chairs at the bar. Six beers from various micros are avialable, as well as an enormous range of bottled beers, both on shelves and in fridges. Glassware, too, if that is your thing. If you just have a few hours off in Prague due to other obligations, this is the place to get it all.

We go for the unfiltered Bernard 12°. Biscuits and grain, smooth, yet there is some bite, too. Long finish with sweetness and sourness playing along with each other.

To finish off, a beer from the sister establishment, the Piovarsky Dum. Also an unfiltered one, this is like a liquid mouthful of Saaz hops, summer meadows and flowers, a proper finish to a solid beer session.

I pick some bottles to take away from the hundreds available. It is time for some exercise, so we walk through town back to my hotel in the lovely summer weather.

Thank you for meeting me and showing me those hand picked spots, Max. Pleasant and interesting company, too – hope to see you again soon!

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