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Brauhaus Mitte

A few minutes walk from Lemke there is another brewpub, which I believe is under the same management. This is even closer to the Alexanderplatz, located on the first floor of a shopping centre. I sat outside on the terrace, in the pub itself you have a sort of mock Bavarian bierstube concept, while it is open to the galley of the shopping centre showing another kind of reality.

Oh well. In my old home town Trondheim there is a revolving tower with a restaurant, giving a splendid view of the city centre, the fjord and its surroundings. They were unable to make the restaurant viable until they did what they had done with most places in town. It was decorated with planks from an old barn, including an assortment of other farming memorablia. So you can choose between looking into the stable wall or admiring the view.

But I digress. This is Berlin. I need some food before indulging in more beer, and I order some weisswurst. It comes with sweet mustard – from a company that used to have a royal warrant with the court of Bavaria, no less – and a warm bretzel.

The beers are not up to the samme standards as at Lemke. A dunkel is sweetish, with a hint of prunes. It does not really get anywhere, and it can’t cope with the salty bretzel. The pils is also rather bland. A bit better is the zwickl, a hazy gold and aromatic beer. Flowery hoppiness. Their weisse has some citrus freshness, but this is overpowered by a cloying banana flavour.

Don’t get me wrong, these beers are not infected or actually bad. They just don’t have the little extra to make you go out of your way. Luckily you don’t need to go out of your way, it is right there in the middle of Berlin. And the sausages were splendid!


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A few hundred metres from the busy Alexanderplatz in central Berlin there is a brewpub well suited to have a break and a refreshment. Brauhaus Lemke is actually situated in the railway arches between two stations, the closest being Hackescher Markt. They use two of the arches, making a large and airy restaurant, and there is a beer garden in the back, too. Some noise as the trains are rattling above, but not too bad.

Nice that there are other uses for such premium space than junkyards.

There is a lunchtime buffet and an extensive evening menu, but I did not have the time to linger for that.

They had four beers on when I was there, lovely presented in sampler glasses with some malt to chew on. Nothing very daring here, a Dunkel, a Pils, a Hefeweissen and a rotating special, which was a honey beer.

The Dunkel had a lovely mahogany color and a full malty taste. Sweet and sour, generous use of both hops and malt. The pils had a lovely hoppy aroma, a round body and a pronounced bitterness in the finish. The weissen was true to type – nothing outstanding.

The honey beer was quite similar to the dunkel, but it has a fine honey taste that was well balanced in relation to the other ingredients. Quite similar to the best honey beers I tried in Latvia earlier this year.

Note that they have a sister pub in Charlottenburg as well. If you are pressed for time, this is right next to a stop on the bus from Kurfürstendamm and Zoo towards Tegel airport, so theoretically you can squeeze in a 30 minute stop and try their samples. So there is no excuse for not trying the beers from Lemke!

Beer samples

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