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I’m through with Pan-European travelling for the time being, and I have a number of ideas lined up.

There are good news from Norway – three new beers from Inderøy Gårdsbryggeri released just now. They are selling out their beers faster than expected, and don’t need to work hard with the distribution with the batch sizes they have right now. I look forward to trying their new beers when I go north in a week or so.

Smaa Vesen, a micro in the mountain area of Valdres, have had some problems starting up, with batches getting infected and so on. It seems they are on the right track now, they will even be supplying draft beer to one of the Bølgen & Moi restaurants here in Oslo. I wish them the best of luck. The brewer there is also a driving force behind the initiative of setting up an organisation of small scale alcohol producers in Norway. They had a meeting yesterday, I’ll report when I know more.

A new Nøgne ø beer made for a local festival and with local distribution only will surely be sought after around the globe. There is interesting stuff coming up at Møllebyen in Moss and from Haandbryggeriet in Drammen also.

On the international front, a spectre is haunting Europe. No, not really, but there is a Hefeweisse that I only came across last year and that I thought was fairly obscure that is popping up all over the place – the Bavarian Schöfferhofer. It is everywhere in Berlin, it is squeezing out other brands in Prague, it is acting like the Bombardier beer did in the Young’s pubs in London, elbowing their way to the front. It is not a bad beer per se, but, as usual with beer being launched on such a a large scale, you can be certain it is bland enough for most drinkers to swill it down.

A more aquired taste, however, which I never thought they would be able to sell outside Germany, is the Schöfferhofer Grapefruit. I give my full support to Alan’s views on this weird drink.

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