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If you are an Austrian soccer player doing your job, that is.

The Ottakringer brewery is promising a lifelong supply of free beer to any Austria player who scores a goal for the co-hosts in their remaining Euro 2008 group matches against Poland and Germany.

Don’t worry. This will definitely not turn into a soccer blog. I couldn’t care less who wins the trophy.

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I have touched upon the question about the number of breweries established in Denmark over the last few years, wondering if they all are sustainable. There are similar worries in Scotland, where they now have 42 breweries producing cask ale, up from a dozen ten years ago.

The closure of the Isle of Arran brewery recently have led to some worries in the business, but it seems the future looks good for many of the newcomers. When the nationals are cutting back on cask ale, the micros move in to fill the gap. There have been very positive reports from Scotland recently on ratebeer, and there is an interesting article in the Publican discussing this at length.

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There are deep worries that Austria will be running out of beer after problems with the supply lines from Germany.

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