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The Beer Nut and his wife went to Cuba recently, and they kindly brought me two cans of beers from this last bastion of the revolution – I was lucky enough to visit Dublin again the day after their return.

 I must admit my expectations were not too high about these two, but, being a ticker, I am always pleased to add new specimens to my herbarium. (This is not literally speaking, I do not soak the bottles for labels or flatten beer cans. Yet.) The hot weather we currently have in Oslo was a good excuse for trying out the two cans of tropical beer the other night.

The Bucanereo looks like a tie-in with the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, and I must say it probably needs an extra marketing boost, as the beer did not enter my top ten (or top thousand).

It is probably a lot easier to get a ton of sugar than a ton of good malt on an island famous for its cugar cane, so it really should come as no surprise that they put it in their beer. This gives a full strength 5.6%, but also a sugary residue in the mouth. All right ice cold, as it heats up a little, the beer shows its faults – a stange sourness and all the sugar.

The Cristal beer is much drier than its pirate companion, but it is not very amazing stuff, either. It is very similar to the pale lagers with palm trees on the label or can the world over. Thin, light, but with some crispness that lasts as long as the glass stays cold. Not for slow sipping.



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