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The final party

I never even considered drinking alcohol on the London Tube – if asked I would probably have thought it was illegal, I still remember being told that smoking was banned throughout the system when lighting a cigarette in the open air at Turnham Green about 25 years ago. 

And, even if I knew it was allowed, the Tube functions as a convenient rest between pints – when in London I focus on cask ale.

Well, even if I have behaved decently, others have been more naughty. and one of the campaign promises made by Boris Johnson in the recent election campaign was to ban drinking on public transport.

Well, he won, and the ban will be effective from 1 June.

A group called Last orders on the Underground (you have to be British to think up concepts like this) will be organizing a final session on the Circle Line on Saturday.

After that it’s brown paper bags, I assume.

Thanks to the Going Underground’s blog for the info.

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