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At last I got along to try the three beers from Inderøy Gårdsbryggeri I have written about over the last month or so. Anders in Trondheim had picked up some bottles for me, which I got last weekend, and yesterday I thought they had enough time for the sediments to settle.

I was not too exciting about the Kalfaret beers earlier in the week, but these were in another league.

I started with the Kvamsholmer, which they say is “inspired by” the German Kölsch. I presume this means it is technically an ale, since it is top fermented, but it is easily mistaken for a lager.

The beer has a fruity aroma with a little yeast, and it pours a cloudy yellow.

The taste? Apples and citrus, with a fine bitterness lingering in the mouth. Inspired by Kölsch, maybe, but I found this more balanced than most of the originals. Full body. This would be great with food.

The Soddøl is cloudy brown with hoppy flowers in the aroma. Sodd is a clear soup or broth, served with potatoes, meatballs, carrot and mutton, served on festivitive occations in the region. 

 You can always discuss the finer points of wether this type of beer is a pale ale or a bitter, the important thing is that it is a very decent and well composed beer. A light, but not watery, body and a mouthful of bitterness. I loved it, and those who are serious about their beer will enjoy it. But it might have too much bitterness in the finish to win over the locals. I hope I am wrong, and this is a beer that really should have a national distribution. But maybe the Kvasholmen is actually better with sodd?

The Ankerøl – Anchor ale – is a fresh, easy-drinking porter. Grain, a hint of smoke, toast and anise. Not as exciting as the other two, but a very fine beer.

These are not extreme beers, but they are fresh and flavourful, with a standard that most professional brewers would be proud to be associated with.

Inderøy bottles

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