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Truly exotic

I have learned to scan shop shelves for interesting beers in a matter of seconds. I had a few moments in Zurich airport before catching the shuttle bus to the hotel, so I ran into a shop in the arrival area to see what I could find. A few Swiss lagers that did not seem to exciting, the usual German and Dutch suspects. And a can of Mongolian lager.

The name had an unfamiliar transcription of the name, but I take it that Chinggis is the name for the famoud conqueror Djengis Khan. From what I remember, I think that he probably used other intoxicants than beer, but you can’t go for historical authenticity every time, can you?

I armed myself with a bottle and boarded the bus.

While this beer is unlikely to conquer Europe or even Central Asia, it is not bad at all. It is a soft, decent pilsener, I imagine there is a brewery somewhere on the steppes set up by DDR brewmasters, but what do I know?

These beers obviously sell because of their novelty value, not because of their great taste. But it’s nice, once in a while, to stumble across a good beer from an odd country.

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