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Amidst all the gloomy news of bankrupcies and rising prices, there are still enthusiasts eager to start small scale brewing. The area of Trøndelag in central Norway has long traditions of home brewing, though it has mostly been for consumption among family and friends.

Inderøy Gårdsbryggeri has just started brewing, located in the idyllic agricultural landscape along the Trondheim fjord. There are lots of other small scale food producers in the area, offering cheese, herbs, venison etc, so a farm brewery should fit nicely into this range.

They are currently brewing three top fermented beers:

Kvamsholmer inspired by German Kölsch.
Soddøl inspired by English Pale Ale
Ankerøl inspired by Porter

They have plans for expanding their range with a stout, a bitter, a weissbier and a Christmas beer during 2008.

They use converted milk tanks for brewing. They have a capasity of 350 liters per batch, but they are currently only making half of that. The beer is sold directly from the brewery.

They offer brewery courses, too.

 I really look forward to tasting their beers – I will keep you informed.

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