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The bottom of the second glass

…….. The rage subsides about three quarters of the way down the first pint of lager. By the time I’ve seen the bottom of the second glass, the buttoned-up old misanthrope of the past few weeks is gone and I’m a human being again and back in the swim. I talk to this one and then that one, then to those people over there. And soon I’m genially greeting anyone who catches my eye, whether I know them or not. My sober view is that the world is a ship of fools. Two pints of lager and I’m back on the poop deck, spray on my cheek, wind in my hair, happy to listen with sympathy, energy and imagination to the succession of unhappy monologues that one is inevitably subjected to in this particular pub, which is full of New Age gurus and druggies.


Last week’s bout of self-medication was fairly typical — instantaneous mental equilibrium, followed by a succession of people singing their same old songs to me — except that my crisis this month coincided with the full moon. The pub in the nearest market town is a dingy affair, though after weeks at home the string of multicoloured lights on the wall-mounted jukebox struck me as glamorous. I stood at the bar and drank alone until fully restored, and then I was open for business, as it were.

Jeremy Clarke – Low Life – The Spectator

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I had a glass of wheat beer in the transit area of Munich Airport recently. This was not an ordinary airport bar, but perhaps a signal of things to come, an organic cafe amids all the gas-guzzling planes. The beers were obviously organic as well, but that did not make them any worse.

The brewery supplying the cafe had left some of their promotional material around, and it looks like a business primarily tending to a local market.

They are running a competition where the winner gets free beer for life. In Bavaria this is defined as one Maß of beer every day for 15 years. That’s one liter every day, I assume you can choose if you want this on tap at your local or if you want it delivered to you home. There are several prices, where the runners up are supplied for a period of between six months and eight years with the same amount. A special price of a flight for two persons to San Fransico pales in comparison!

The brewery is the Steiner Bräuhaus.

If a Norwegian brewer launched a scheme like this, he would probably be locked up for a period between six months and eight years….

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