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From an article in Beverage Daily on the strong growth of craft beer in the US: 

Keith Levy, vice president of brand management for Budweiser maker Anheuser Busch, said that while the brewer was looking to capitalise on recent growth in craft beers, the segment was not a new market for the company.

“Anheuser Busch’s brew masters have been crafting specialty lagers and ales in the world’s most intricate beer styles for more than 130 years such as our all-malt Michelob, Michelob Light and Michelob AmberBock craft brands,” he stated.  “In addition to brewing our own specialty beers, our alliances with the regional breweries help us reach a wide range of craft beer drinkers.”

Levy claimed that rather than damaging the smaller craft beer labels, the presence of groups like Anheuser Busch had long been aiding smaller brewers.

Who do these guys think they are fooling? I hope this type of arrogance will be thir downfall as their profits diminish and they start axing their vice presidents.

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