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A Munich stopover

I prefer Munich airport to Frankfurt when I have to fly via Germany, probably because the new light and airy terminal buildings make me feel more comfortable. In Frankfurt I feel more like a rat in a maze, and sometimes I feel like I am going through a dozen security checks when pressed for time.

I had a few hours in Munich last week, not enough time to go into the city or any neighbouring towns, but luckily there is a beer destination at the airport, right between the two terminals. There is even a beer garden of sorts with a glass ceiling far above, allowing for an outdoor feeling year round.

The place is a brewpub called Airbräu, and I have briefly blogged about it a few year ago, when I was a bit lukewarm about their hefe weissbier. This time I wanted something more substantial, as the snack on the plane had been very modest.

There were no sampler glasses, and my waitress recommended the following platter from the weekly menu: Aviatorbrotzeit mit kalter Schweinehaxe, Obazdem und Schnittlauchbrot, which with eine Halbe Starkbierwas a very reasonable 8,60 €.

I tried to look up Obazdem, as I thought it was the name of the radish-like slices on the plate, after some time I found out it was the dative form of Obazda, a cheese/butter/dried paprika spread the Bavarians use on bread. End of language lesson.

The pork roast was nice, so was the buttered bread with chives and the salad, too – the Obazda would probably been better with just a plain chunk of bread.

The Starkbierturned out to be a very pleasant Doppelbock at 7.8%, a proper wintry type of dark beer full of malty goodness, though certainly strong enough for lunchtime drinking, especially in half litre glasses. Lots of fruitiness, sour cherries come to mind. The sour/alcohol edge makes this a beer for sipping rather than quaffing.

The Fliegerquell was a honest, cloudy and fresh Helles. Some yeast, some bread. More sour than sweet, which gives it character. More sourish than bitter, which makes it a Helles rather than a Pils.

To sum up: A warm welcome, home brewed beers, good German food at sensible prices. Every airport should have one. The main Airbräu is in the public access area between the two terminals. There is an outlet in Terminal 2 as well, but I have not been able to access it – it is possible outside the Schengen security barrier.

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