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Rather more local than I usually am:

Saturday 8 March, BTIZ in Keysersgate.

4 Norwegian bocks, so seemingly no festival specials.

Quite a few German bocks, among them Schlenkerla Rauchbier Urbock.

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The Norwegian Royal Ministry of Health and Care Services has, after dragging its feet for some time, sent a letter to the EFTA Surveillance Authority informing them that the ban on private import of alcohol should be repealed and replaced by an alternative control system. The Norwegian Government will therefore immediately initiate work on drafting alternative control mechanisms and an amendment of the legislation on private import of alcoholic beverages.

This amendment will have to be passed in Parliament, and the system is such that it will take a year or so to get the issue through the system. With a majority government, though, this should pass without much fuzz. I expect some whimpering from the Christian Democrats, but that’s about it.

Tonight we raise our glasses of (imported) beer to the European Court and the EFTA Surveillance Authority.

Belgian beer bottles

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