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There is a debate over at Pete’s blog , followed up by Alan, about beer bloggers being approached by a company that pays for editorial coverage of products. I haven’t received this e-mail, but I generally don’t bother to explore the requests I get for ads, either. I won’t waste my time exploring possible revenue if I am in doubt about the seriousness of the ones making contact.

Would I be interested in beer writing for money? Sure. Would I sing the praises of the big lager brewers if I was paid for it? Luckily I have a day job, and the only editorial line I have is a slant towards the little guys in the business. 

I do not get tainted by samples from brewers or importers – Norwegian laws makes sure I won’t!

Do I worry that the beer bloggers will sell out? Not really. The best ones around have distinctive voices and have stories to tell – and it is true knowledge and enthusiasm that it is hard to fake. And it would be very suspicious if some of the bloggers suddenly started raving about a global lager brand!

But there is one aspect of this professional journo vs beer blogger relationship I’d like to raise. There are some food and travel journalists who get in touch and more or less expect beer bloggers to do their research for them. They will pick your brain for stories, and they expect you to do this for free. They usually do not even bother to send you the article (or link if its online)!

I think the next reporter who google me and send off a list of questions before going to Norway will have to bring at the very least a mixed six pack from his local micro in return for my wisdom. Sounds reasonable?

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