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Judging by the details of the facade of the George IV, I’d say it’s about a hundred years old. I’m afraid I have no information about the Hoare Three Guinea Stout. It is located in a fairly quiet halfway between Holborn and Temple tube stations, more or less enclosed by the London School of Economics. According to fancyapint it is even owned by the LSE. It seems to cater mostly for students and staff, with reasonable prices for Central London.

A stylish pub with lots of polished brass and mirrors. Rather empty just before the after office hours rush. The background music was loud enough. Some customers asked politely if it could be turned down a bit, but the staff rather rudely turned down the request.

They had several Adnams beers on, including the nice seasonal Yuletide. It had malt, caramel, a hint of spice and a little yeast plus some fine hoppiness in the finish. Not outstanding, but a nice little beer. 

They had another Christmas beer on tap as well, Bateman’s Rodey Nosey.  This beer was dominated by fruit – raisins, plusm and sour cherries. It had a fine sweet and sour aroma, but there was a yeasty element in the ale that was not altogether pleasant.

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