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Thisislondon/ The Evening Standard have been at The Rake, Borough Market:

The range on tap changes very frequently – so it’s pointless listing any here as the likelihood is it will have changed by the time you read this – but rest assured, if you like beer, you’ll find something you’ll like.

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Portable Kiwi

I have blogged about this before – a brewery in New Zealand, Speight’s,  has shipped over a complete pub, built as two modules. this has been placed on top of Temple underground station.

This is a great marketing ploy, but is it worth visiting?

There are 4 beers on tap, all pasteurized and ice cold. What you get is a range of lagers from a pils to darker varieties. The pilsener is quite all right, I found the others on the sweet side. If you want to try a beer from New Zealand, by all means pop in, but it is certainly not among the most interesting bars in London when it comes to beers.

It is a sports bar, so I assume it is packed whenever NZ plays soccer, rugby, cricket or whatever.

The most attractive feature is the seating area in front. This will be a fine place to have a break on a sunny day when you want a cold refreshment. It was not as inviting when I took the photo on a rainy December day….

And they have a web site about the concept that may amuse you.

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