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… we go to Hackney, East London.

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News from Winnipeg, Canada today, cheerfully announcing a new beer for tipplers whose gluten allergies put regular suds off-limits.

Called Nubru, it uses maltose corn syrup and pea, lentil or bean extract to add the carbohydrates and protein other beers get from barley malt.

If you ferment pea soup, it may result in an alcoholic beverage, but it is not a beer. And just because something is technically possible does not mean it is a good idea. I would rather have a glass of wine, thank you.

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This is not by any means a peer reviewed journal, most of you cannot even be bothered to use the comments function on the blog. I am not even competent to judge the quality of scientific journals (or I cannot be bothered to look them up. Or something.)

But I can pass on good news, even if they are based on rodent studies and there are many ifs and buts in the summary:

In consequence, moderate beer consumption, due to its content in bioavailability silicon, possibly affording a protective factor for preventing Alzheimer’s disease, could perhaps be taken into account as a component of the dietary habits of the population.

This is from the Food and Chemical Toxicology journal.  The article is called Role of beer as a possible protective factor in preventing Alzheimer’s disease and is writtten by the merry trio M.J. González-Muñoz, , A. Peñaa and I. Meseguera of the Pharmacy School, University of Alcalá, Spain.

You will probably have to pay a few thousand dollars to read the whole article. Money you obviously could spend on beer instead.

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Next: The £ 4 pint

From the Sunday Mirror:

Beer drinkers could be paying £4 a pint next year, brewers have warned.

They blame rises in the cost of hops and barley. Brewery boss Stephen Crawley said: “Brewers have never known raw material prices to increase the way they are at the moment.”

Mr Crawley, of the Edinburgh-based Caledonian Brewery, added: “Who knows if we will see the £4 pint in 2008, but in some London and other city venues I think it will happen.”

Industry chiefs fear price rises will kill off thousands of pubs.

It will be interesting to see how beer prices will rise around the world, the hop shortage will be particularly serious. The global actors probably have long term contracts securing an ample supply, it will be more problematic for micro breweries who cannot stockpile their ingredients.

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