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Walking down Kensington High Street, London, with some time on my hands I decided to check out the Whole Foods Market, which opened earlier this year. This is a culinary temple dedicated to all things nice and organic, so I thought I’d check out if they had any beers on offer.

As proper in such a store in this day and age, there are amazing displays of food everywhere. They boast of a hundred British cheeses, there is wine, fruit and berries, meat, fish and everything seasonal in December. I had just had a Thai curry, otherwise I would have tried their brown rice sushi.

The food on display was very nicely laid out, so I whipped out my camera, first attacking some of their apples. No scruffy old stuff like the organic fruit of yesteryear here! I had no sooner done that than an employee came running and told me that photos were not allowed.

When I reached the beer department I then had to sneak out my camera and hurriedly take a snap – they are to blame for it coming out a bit blurry.

Some fine beers on offer, some of them clearly organic, others from small scale supporters or with labels that would add to the feelgood factor. I bought some bottles form the US Sierra Nevada brewery, presumably shipped and not flown in. I could not resist buying some nuts and a piece of chorizo, too, lots of beery food around.

There is a bar with organic ales as well, including Pitfield beers, but it was not very inviting, it should have had a more sheltered position.


Easily the best beer range on Kensington High Street. Worth popping in for any foodie, whether you intend to buy anything or not. Pricey, as you’d expect. Less crowded than Borough Market, but not very cozy.

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