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I am back from London, I as even upgraded to Business Class so I escaped the seriously long security queue at Heathrow Terminal 3 yesterday morning – they would merit an inclusion in an update of Dante’s Purgatory any day. I had a great time meeting acquaintances old and new, including a few beer bloggers, drinking my way through a significant part of the cask ales of a beer festival as well as visiting a fair number of pubs.

I have to catch up on stuff both at work and at home, but there is certainly material for  extensive blogging for the rest of the month.

I was fairly modest, not bringing back more than about 15 bottles this time, aiming for quality rather than quantity. The problem is that many British brewers tend to use bottles designed to survive a direct terrorist hit, and that tends to make them a wee heavy. So my suitcase tipped over the 30 k mark anyway.

Seems like these Croatian lagers in my cellar will be there for another month, as they tend to be squeezed aside in favour of top fermented beers….

And thanks for all the comments, they are more important than nice statistics.

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