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Truly international

Nice of the Eurostar blog to link to my post about the Bier Tempel. And it got me thinking. How about a European Pub Crawl? Brussels-Paris-London during a long day? I’ll have to look up their schedules!

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A sign of progress

There is a new problem when I try to take nice photos of the lovely pubs of London. I used to worry about the wether bein to bad, it being to dark or me having to stand in the middle of a busy street to get a proper view.

Now it’s more a matter of unwanted elements cluttering the pictures. No, not tacky Christmas ornaments or flowerpots. It’s the smokers. Driven out on the street, they now stand in front of the pubs of London as they do in Palermo, Odense, Helsinki or Trondheim.

Why can’t you hang out in a back alley instead?

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