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There are lots of calls of alarm from the British pub sector at the moment, blaming

  • the smoking ban
  • cheap supermarket booze
  • the youngsters without respect for the traditional way of life
  • the rising costs

and, probably, the global warming and George W. Bush, for a decreasing trade and lacking profits.

At the same time, there are some people who are doing well.

Fullers has announced a record breaking set of results with adjusted profits up 11% to £12.7m on last year.

Revenue for the half year to 29 September saw an increase of 3% to £93.3m while profit before tax was up 16%.

Like for like sales at its invested managed houses were up 5.3% while tenanted division with operating profits at Fuller’s Inns up 4%.

Operating profits for brewing also saw an increase of 2%.

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