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Fantasy beer fridge

maeib has set up a list on his blog of how he would stock a beer fridge with 15 beers of 15 different styles from 15 countries. This is a tricky one, not the least because I feel that the ratebeer categories will be a bit hair-splitting to some. And I would have a Trappist category. I don’t know how such a list from me would end up.

Sure, there will be a Nøgne ø beer, there will be Jever Pilsener and Fuller’s ESB, but then …

Should the Imperial Stout come from Ireland (Porterhouse Celebration), Denmark (Mikkeller), Scotland (BrewDog) or Norway (Nøgne ø)?

I’ll get back to you about this. Something to discuss over a pint at the Pig’s Ear festival next week, perhaps?

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Brussels – Bier Circus

OK, then, one more Brussels spot, this one a return visit.

It was the end of a long day of meetings, finishing up with a stand up networking dinner. Good food and pleasant company, but I needed some time of my own before going to bed. The Metro a few stops to the Central station, a short walk up hill instead down towards the Grand Place, and here I was at the Bier Circus.

It is a quiet weekday evening. Last time I was here the bar was more crowded, today it is easy to find a stool. Some regulars pop in, have a glass of the blond on tap and then continue into the night. The rain has stopped during the day, the temperature is quite blamy ( at least for a Norwegian). But the calendar says Christmas is right around the corner. So it is time for trying a few seasonal beers – there are more of a dozen of them in the beer list that otherwise runs into the hundreds.

There is one Christmas beer on tap, the lovely Tournay de Noëlfrom the Cazeau brewery. Lovely sweet and spicy, enough of a body to cope with both candy sugar and spiciness. Dark, warming beer.

I have room for one more, but some of the bottled Christmas beers are 0,75 l bottles of beer approaching 10%, which would simply be too much of a good thing at this stage. I go for a Winter King or Winterkonikske from the Kerkom brewery (Motto: We brew it here. We drink it here. We sell what’s left). This is a real winter warmer! Malt, sugar, spices, yeast giving a little sourness, warming alcohol. It is not dissimilar from the first one.

Attentive service without being intruding, no music that would offend anyone. 5 beers on tap, some of them rotating, a long beer list, a sensible prized menu including daily specials. Give me a local like this!

I pay the bill, compliment the bar man on their selection and stroll content out into the Brussels night.

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