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This pub is on the same street as the Bier Temple shop, but it is located at the end of a blind alley, so look for the sign, you won’t find any windows or doors inviting you in here.This is a serious beer bar. They have other drinks, too, but for once, this is focused on beer. The wines on offer are listed as just red, white and port, while there are about three dozen beers available, six of them on tap. The food is limited to small bags of crisps, as far as I could see. No real beer rarities here, but an easy going atmosphere and speedy service.

Some background music – sung in French – and small groups of people – who looked and sounded local to me – chatting, either at tables or by the bars while they enjoyed theri beers. The style? Sort of upper class gone seedy, rickety chairs, wooden tables and benches with the upholstery falling apart.

A very nice Christmas beer on tap,  Busch Noel. Sweet, nutty and warming. A dry finish of cinnamon and hops. Do I have time for one more? Sice the service is so speedy, I have a bottle of Cuvee des Trolls, too, a well balanced Belgian blond.

This was a nice oasis to sip a glass or two, particularly in contrast to the pretentious brewpub I blogged about a few days ago. Actually, this would be a fine bar to go with a bunch of friends and drink one’s way slowly through the beer list as the night creeps slowly towards morning and the demands of work and other duties are a light year away..

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